Am I Too Old for Invisalign? Why Adults and Teens Should Visit an Orthodontic Clinic

By Devin Walsh June 04, 2021 0 comments

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In this era, braces and orthodontic treatment are not just for kids anymore. As per the American Association of Orthodontists, the number of adults fitted with clear aligners and braces increases every day. As a matter of fact, one in five orthodontic patients is over the age of 18. Whether you are a teenager, young adult, or senior, there is no age limit for braces and Invisalign.

While most adults do not like braces, they go a long way in maintaining oral hygiene. Invisalign offers a solution that is smarter, more effective, and looks better in the process of straightening your teeth. That's why at Evenly, we exclusively use Invisalign clear aligners to straighten teeth.

1. There Are Many Affordable Options

Gone are the days when traditional braces were the only choice – they were quite pricy then, too! Now you can get Invisalign clear aligners starting at just $81/month at Evenly. And you don't have to sacrifice esthetics or convenience in the process. If you have dental insurance, check to see if your benefits cover orthodontic treatment. You can also use flex spending or health savings accounts toward straighter teeth.

2. Treatment Typically Lasts 1-2 Years

Wearing Invisalign aligners for the first time may feel a little bit awkward. However, you will get used to wearing teeth aligners in no time! On average, adults wear teeth aligners for not more than 26 months, with some cases taking only 12 months. How long you will receive the treatment depends on the type of aligners, how crooked/misaligned your teeth are, and your desired result. Ultimately, orthodontic treatment is easier than you may think, especially with Evenly. Once your aligners are in, we monitor your treatment remotely through a smartphone Evenly Track app, so you don't need to sacrifice precious time to come in for regular appointments.

3. Control Age-Related Dental Changes

Statistics prove that most adults over 50 get teeth aligners due to oral discomfort, which can cause oral health deterioration. As you get older, your jaw bone and mouth gradually change in shape. Therefore, your teeth shift and get crowded naturally. If you mainly feel discomfort or pain when chewing, then you should see a qualified orthodontist. This way, you will get straight teeth and a happy, confident smile to match!

4. Say Goodbye to Secondary Ailments

Dental teething troubles can cause more than a simple toothache or earache. A visit to your trusted orthodontist helps correct speech impediments, sleep apnea (resulting from misaligned teeth and mouth breathing), tooth decays, clenched teeth/jaws, grinding teeth, among many more. Failure to seek treatment at an orthodontic practice may worsen the condition and possibly more health problems.

Oral health is essential for all kids, teens, adults, and seniors. Not only do you curb dental complications, but teeth straightening for adults also improves aesthetics and boosts self-esteem. At our reputable orthodontic practice, Evenly, your treatment will be precise and catered to your individual needs. Schedule a free consultation with Evenly today!

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