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Carla S.

Washington D.C.

Treatment Time:
12 Months

Overbite, Severe Upper and Lower Crowding

You guys!! The time has come where I’m gifting myself a smile makeover! 😁 thanks to @liveevenly, I’ll take you on this journey with me. I’ll talk about the process of getting Invisalign as an adult, the good, the bad and even the ugly! lol Stay tuned as I’ll soon share my first blog post about it as well as longer IGtv episodes so you guys can truly learn why I decided to get Invisalign at the age of almost 40 😅 and what it has been to not have straight teeth for most of my life. Stay tuned and I hope you are as excited as I’am to see the final results. IGTV

My Invisalign Journey w/ Evenly: Episode 1

So excited to share the first IG tv episode of my #Invisalign journey with @liveevenly. In this episode, I discuss why I chose to get a smile makeover as an adult!

My Invisalign Journey W/ Evenly: Episode 2

Hi friends! On this second episode of my @invisalign journey with @liveevenly, I talk about all the tools they gave me to make my journey a lot more convenient and comfortable. At the end of the episode, I also give my personal tips on how you can make this journey for you a much easier one.

You guys! I’m on my 11th @liveevenly aligner of the 44 I have to go through so your girl can achieve that perfect pearly white smile😬 In this video I wanted to show you what @invisalign tools I pack with me when going out of town!

Smile update! 😁 time is flying by, I can’t believe that Im already on the 5th month of my @liveevenly #Invisalign journey. I can already see the difference from when I started and it clearly shows by the way I’ve been smiling lately 😊 below are a few takeaways from these first few months of wearing my aligners.

-It’s an adjustment. The first time I had the trays in, I was lisping all over the place 😅 but after a few days, that went away. The pressure of the aligners squeezing your teeth also doesn’t feel as bad after your first 22 hours of wearing them.

-It doesn’t hurt. #1 question is does it hurt, and the answer is no. Each time I started a new tray I felt a little pressure on my teeth that felt uncomfortable but nothing that Advil can’t fix.

-Hygiene is everything. You have to clean you teeth and tray after every single meal. It’s important to do this, otherwise you can lock food in the trays and get cavities.

-I got a little skinnier. I call it the “Invisalign diet” lol because I have to keep my trays in for 22 hours out of the day, I no longer snack and chose wisely when I want to have my main meal of the day. It’s all worth it!

-It’s a commitment. You have to be prepared to fully commit to the treatment and adjust your lifestyle to it. The treatment can also be a little pricey but worth every penny.

Hope this takeaways help you if you are thinking of getting @invisalign. I also can’t recommend @liveevenly enough, their staff, customer service is top notch, they are also very high tech which means less visits to their office even though their office setting is so beautiful.

It’s been now six months of my #smilemakeover with @liveevenly  😁 you can already see the progress (swipe left for before shot) I have a little over seven more months to go prior the final reveal. Wearing my aligners 22 hours a day hasn’t been the easiest thing to do, specially during holidays but so worth it! I def feel much more confident when talking to people and smiling in photos. Thank you @liveevenly for the amazing support throughout this life changing journey 😁🤗

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